Artist Statement
I collect and arrange. The thrill is in finding connection and balance in the subtle conversation between assembled elements. I utilize a lightness of touch to explore the intrinsic properties of various materials and mediums to evoke a density of emotion. Simplicity, humility, graphic power, color, and surprise are all pushed through a filter of balance to create a harmonious tension.

1983 BA degree from Connecticut College in Botany, with an emphasis on Art and Art History

Lived in Santa Fe, NM learning adobe and basic construction techniques building homes and studios for local artists

1985 Travel in Europe with a focus on art in museums

Lived in New York City through 1991, establishing a cabinet shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Moved "home" to San Juan Island to be with my people. Participating as an avid member in a vibrant artistic community.

Developed cabinet shop at Ravenhill Construction. Applied and refined design and build skills in close association with architects, clients and master craftsmen

Married potter Paula West, raised two boys. 

1993 Bought property and began lifelong dream of engagement with the land to build a home and studio. 


Conversations With Gee's Bend,  San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, Wa


Cracking the Surface, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, W

Two Person Show w Dana Roberts, Cafe Demeter, Friday Harbor, Wa

Artists Registry Annual Show, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, WA

San Juan Island Artist Studio Tour, Friday Harbor, WA

Running portfolio available for viewing on Instagram: @joecooperdesign

Work in private collections